TalkLift platform provides an easy way for businesses to manage conversations with their customers from different communication channel. It also allows businesses to offer instant response to queries through the inbuilt AI powered chatbot engine. The idea is to offer a more personalized customer experience and have customer issues addressed within an acceptable time frame.

What problem are we solving?

Many businesses (both small and large) are not able to respond to their customers on time because of the limitation of existing infrastructures. Current customer service solutions do not meet the needs of generation Y, who are a major players in the consumers segment. Although many try to offer customer services through social media, it might be difficult for a busy organizations to properly handle the raised issues properly. Companies cannot offer the same level of experience to customers who engage it through different channels because lack of tools of consolidating customer support. It is expensive especially for a small business to offer a 24/7 customer support without the right infrastructure. Customer satisfaction is key for every business to gain retention.

Our Product and Solution

Our solution is to provide a omni-channel solution that allow business to manage their customers communication from a single platform. Currently we provide integrations to:

  • Website through a simple to install chat web widget
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Twitter Messaging

Through our Customer Relation Manager (CRM) dashboard, the support agents are able to consolidate all the conversations and manage the issues status as per their policies.

The Chatbot support provides instant messaging and help in KYC data collections especially when the support agents are offline. Through our interface, businesses are able to customize the chatbot responses to suit their brand.

We have made it possible to integrate to existing solution through our API. Developers and organizations can interface with their backend solutions for better service. Integration support promotes function scalability and makes the solution useful.

Our Team


Felix Cheruiyot



Moses Korir