How Lead Generation Works

Create contact list from comments on Facebook

Whenever potential clients comment on social post, TalkLift provides a means of subscribing them to a contact list for future campaigns and bulk messaging.

Use our web widget to kick-start conversations

Stop wasting your web traffic. Deploy our chat widget which prompts the site visitors to begin that important conversation with you. Easily collect leads details for KYC.

Bulk Messaging for Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger's bulk messaging is an affordable and effective channel than the normal SMS. Your contacts receive this messages privately in their inbox. Use chatbots to complete the conversation for a greater conversion rate.

Qualify leads

Properly segment leads and customer issues before your support agents takes over. This makes your team to work smarter and efficient by redirecting conversation to the right team member for further handling.

Turn Data into Deals

Measure your team’s performance and gain a better understanding of your pipeline. Get a complete overview of leads followed up, completed and lost ones.

Multiple Channels Support

Collect leads from Facebook and Web. We see every interaction of users with your business as an opportunity to sell.