10 Tips: How To Use SMS CHATBOT To Create A Successful Business(Product)

10 Tips: How To Use SMS CHATBOT To Create A Successful Business(Product)
Cynthia Mbesa on May 24th, 2019

What is a SMS Chatbot and why is it important?

An SMS chatbot is a software application you can develop to support conversational content via text messaging. With an SMS chatbot, you can develop a conversational interface that helps answer customer questions, handle responses and, ultimately, drive engagement without the need for downloading a messaging application. These bots leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP), which makes it easier to design interactive conversations. You can even add buttons to make your SMS bots more engaging and easier for your customers to use.

It’s crucial to keep your customers engaged if you want to drive loyalty, enhance their experiences and drive sales. Text messaging has become an easy way to communicate with customers on a personal level and drive engagement. SMS Bots can help you take advantage of engagement opportunities thanks to the accessibility and the ease-of-use they provide to customers. You can use an SMS chatbot to create a personalized experience and facilitate open-ended conversations that go beyond the “yes-or-no” style dialog of the past. Creating an SMS chatbot for your business or brand is simple when you apply effective strategies. But understanding the basics of SMS bots, what is involved in the creation process and why you should make one is important if you want to effectively drive engagement.

TalkLift enables businesses to build SMS chatbots and send personalized messages. Create a bot for your business and send bulk messages.

SMS Strategies that works

1.Leads Nurturing

Use interactive automated SMS to engage potential leads with an aim of qualifying them. TalkLift SMS chatbot helps you to automatically segment potential leads into different sales pipelines. Leads segmentation is important to keep your data organized and ready for use in sending personalized message.


2. Sending Personalized Bulk SMS

You can personalize your message by doing simple things like addressing your users by their names. Consider making the message relevant and timely. A proper lead segmentation will enable you to send a targeted message based on users' behavior and interest.

3. SMS Scheduling and Reminders

Scheduled messages- the process of sending messages is automated hence you don’t have to be at your computer to send messages to your clients. Once scheduled the messages are sent automatically at the scheduled time.

Reminders- important dates and occasions can be marked out and reminders sent ahead of time e.g. reminders on policy renewal, meetings, payment of goods and client’s birthdays.

4. Chatbot + Human Support

Enjoy an automated system that only shifts to human interactive mode at your client’s request especially in cases where your client is not satisfied with the responses provided by the chatbot. Optimize your customer service for a delightful experience.

No more worrying about losing your customers again.

5. Two Way Communication

With our SMS chatbot you are able to have a two way conversation with your customers and have all your queries and issues handled

6. Single Manageable Dashboard

Visualize the conversation between your clients and the chatbot, hence enabling you to understand your customers’ needs better and retain them.

7. Personalized Bulk SMS Data Importation

Multiple SMSs can be generated from a single SMS template with the variable data like name, account number, amount etc changing depending on the objective of the campaign.

The data can be manipulated in an excel file and imported on the dashboard for the templates to be created.

This leads to creation of unique SMSs which is personalized and unique to each contact.

8. Transaction Based SMS

Use APIs to send targeted messages and innovate around the solution. Example of use cases can be billing and payment collection, account inquiries etc. SMS solutions works best for this use cases because of their offline nature. They have proved to be affordable and reliable. We see it as a good solution for businesses to make their services always available.


9. Round the Clock Customer Service

Chatbots provide customer engagement round the clock whether your business is open or closed for the weekend or holiday. Chatbots provide a scale-able way to offer your service. A single chatbot can serve thousands of users concurrently, better than human support agents.

10. Improve Consistency to Increase Conversion

Converse with potential clients via a proactive chat and increase the chances of converting them to loyal customers in no time while maintaining your existing clients. Clients have new expectations and like instant response to queries.

Do you want to create more engagement with your customers using chatbot bulk messaging? Contact us today and we’ll help you get started. Click here to get started with our SMS service.

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