6 Reasons Why WhatsApp Chatbot is a game-changer in terms of customer support in Africa

6 Reasons Why WhatsApp Chatbot is a game-changer in terms of customer support in Africa
moses avatar Moses Korir on September 28th, 2019

The growth of Messaging apps which has surpassed the social apps has necessitated the need for brands to find a way of engaging customers through these messaging apps. One messaging app that has seen an explosion of growth since its launch is WhatsApp which currently has over 1.6 billion active users in 180 countries.


The enormous reach and popularity of WhatsApp present an opportunity for brands to tap on to for communicating with customers and potential leads. Initially there wasn't a way of engaging customers at scale using WhatsApp before the introduction of WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp Business API is transforming the way brands communicate with customers and potential leads at scale on WhatsApp.

Here are 6 reasons why WhatsApp chatbot are a game changer in terms of offering differentiated customer support in Africa.

Users preference to message brands

Consumers prefer messaging more than ever before and they prefer to message a brand over other forms of communication like calling or sending an email. A survey by Twilio found out that 8 out of 10 consumers not only want to message the brand but also prefer to receive information from the brand via messaging app.

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The same report found out that Millennials and Generation X prefer messaging over every other channel for customer service including email, phone and live web chat. In Africa, 60% of the 1.25 billion population are under the age of 25 years, this presents the need for brands to design ways of engaging customers and potential leads over messaging platforms at scale.

Easy way of sending notifications and alerts

WhatsApp chatbot can help brands have proactive engagement with customers especially when urgent information like booking confirmation and delivery alerts needs to be sent out. For instance, flight information changes can be easily communicated on WhatsApp as opposed to email which can be easily missed by the customers.

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Brands who are proactive in communicating with customers about service downtime display a sense of honesty and transparency which is appreciated by customers and improve customer loyalty. A brand can use WhatsApp to sent out notifications to customers and subsequent queries can be handled by the chatbot leading to improved customer experience.

Enormous popularity

WhatsApp is not only popular globally but also in Africa where it is one of the most widely used messaging app across the whole continent. Africa has over 216 million active users on social media with WhatsApp being the most popular messaging app.


The average user checks their WhatsApp more than 23 times a day making it the most preferred channel to communicate with. This provides an enormous opportunity for brands to use WhatsApp as a channel of engaging with customers and potential leads.

Ease of use in Customer support

A research by hubspot found that 82% of consumers require an immediate response from a brand to sales or support questions. Speed is essence and brands require a platform that can effectively help them engage with customers and potential leads especially using channels that they prefer like WhatsApp. Deploying a chatbot on WhatsApp can help a brand provide automated response to customer queries in an instant thus improving customer experience.


The same report found that two-thirds of consumers report that the most frustrating aspect of getting customer service is waiting on hold or having to explain the same information to multiple representatives. TalkLift helps businesses automate customer support and frequently asked questions which helps reduce traffic to contact centre by. This improves customer experience since only complex queries are referred to the customer centre while simple repetitive queries are handled by the chatbot.

Rich communications

WhatsApp allows brand to share and receive videos, images, location pins, audio and files from customers leading to enhanced customer experience. Customers who need support like filing claim can be easily assisted by a WhatsApp chatbot and even share supporting documents like images of the accident easily without need of writing an email.


A study found that 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product subsequently bought it. A brand can share an explainer video to a potential lead who is struggling to understand product thus gain trust and purchase the product. WhatsApp make it easy for brands to share such videos when offering support to customers who need assurances and product understanding before purchasing a product.

Easier way to gather feedback

Customers interact with a brand through different touch points and its important to collect feedback as a way of improving product offering and measuring customer satisfaction. A brand can integrate its backend systems to WhatsApp and send out feedback request whenever a customer interacts with a brand. WhatsApp provides the most convenient way of collecting this feedback since most customers are already using WhatsApp and the engagement is personal and targeted based on customer interactions with a brand.

TalkLift platform is already integrated with Rate My Service, a platform that provides meaningful insights to businesses from their customers’ experiences, making it easier for brands to collect customer experience data in a structured manner.


Albert Schindler an Austrian painter and graphic artist famously stated that “No amount of advertising can repair the damage done by failing to address customer concerns”. Business are finding it difficult to offer consistent customer support due to resources limitation and huge capital outlay needed to provide 24/7 support consistently.

At TalkLift we believe the use of conversational artificial intelligence powered chatbots on popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp has the power to transform the way a business offer customer support and improve customer experience which has positive impact on its bottom line.

Get in TOUCH WITH US and we will offer free consultancy on how you can reimagine your customer support using conversational AI WhatsApp chatbots and reduce traffic to your contact centre by up to 30%.

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