8 Effective Ways of Using Chatbots in Digital Marketing Strategy

8 Effective Ways of Using Chatbots in Digital Marketing Strategy
Glorious Vuyanzi on June 26th, 2019

Over the past couple of years, marketers have dreaded the inclusion of chatbots in their space. Based on industry data and what we experience first-hand at Talklift, the chatbots are here to stay. More brands are getting on board because chatbots offer round-the-clock customer service. Something that is close to impossible when we hire humans to get the work done. Research shows that over half the number of customers seek customer service via social media and as a result, it is essential to have someone or ‘something’ (chatbots in this case) monitoring the platforms frequently in order to provide answers and solutions instantly.

Having the chatbot alone would not suffice, as a business person, you need to go the extra mile and include it in your marketing strategies. If you don’t know how, don’t worry, that’s why I am here for you:

1.Communicate with all your website visitors.

Doing this has tons of benefits and has proven to be one of chatbots most popular and useful actions. Every time people come to your site, they always have questions about your product and services. If they don’t see where to get answers instantly, they might never come back again.

That’s where chatbots dive in as heroes and save the day.

It is very easy to set up bots to imitate live chats and converse with your clients. Talklift, for example, is set up to do exactly that. No sales devoted team representatives required.

For an added bonus, give your bot a profile picture and/or a name, so as to give it the human touch. These details don’t necessarily have to be random; you could use the name of your employee in the company for example Allan.

2. Group your leads.

Lead nurturing and segmentation can be a pain, even though the results are worthwhile, the entire process is hectic.

Why not have chatbot handle it for you? It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is structure the questions that would enable you to know where your customers are in the sales funnel. Talklift SMS chatbot is an example of a software that helps you educate your users about your product and based on their input; they are segmented into sales pipelines. Lead segmentation is paramount when organizing data and having them ready when sending personalized messages.

Needless to say, a little personalization goes a long way.

3. Personalize your users experience.

This is mostly possible with many Facebook messenger bots, because the bot can utilize the users’ information to learn more about their personality and likes and thus provide information based on their preferences. The bot can, for example, provide the user with options then give feedback based on the users’ options. With this in place, users experience is improved every step of the customer journey.

4. Choose a bot that works with various platforms.

There are numerous chatbots out there, all providing different services. You need to take your time, and research on what works best for you and definitely a chatbot that would give you value for your money. For example, there are bots that are only integrated with one platform, your business website alone for instance. Then again, we have those bots that can be integrated in a number of platforms, Facebook Messenger, Web and SMS, to serve the same purpose, but reach different audiences. Talklift is a good example and has an easy interface for anyone to interact with.

5. Make the chatbot part of your product.

When transitioning to chatbots, be tactful about it. Remember that your clients are used to using navigation bars and menus. So, replacing the usual with conversational interaction can be a bit too much at first. As a result, a lot of time needs to be invested in guiding them through ads and videos for example, just so as to make the transition smoother.

6. Increase sales.

Do you know that you can have a chatbot that sells your products completely on its own without human intervention? Well, now you know. This is my favorite feature as far as chatbots are concerned, your clients guide themselves throughout the entire sales funnel. Some bots have even gone the extra mile to allow for payments to be done from the same interface. Awesome right?

ALWAYS remember;

7. Include Relevant Content ONLY.

Let’s face it, it’s usually a problem to pass information sometimes. We tend to give too much detail that leads to boredom or in other cases, we just ain't clear enough or provide less information. As a business, you need to remain relevant with your content at all times. Create new and memorable content with your clients.

8. Let your bot get straight to the point.

When you have your chatbot, keep in mind that your bot will only respond based on how you want it to. Your clients want to experience changes as far as customer service is concerned, and as a result, the answers you set should be very concise. When you give the instructions correctly, there will be no more worrying about human errors, like not understanding your clients’ questions.

Automation in marketing is an amazing tool that enables businesses to get things done faster. If you have ever been hesitant to try out chatbots then the fact that you have read this to this point, goes without saying that you are starting to believe in them. If that’s the case, then why not take the next step by trying out our one-month free trial here .

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