9 Incredible Ways Businesses Are Using Chatbots in 2019

9 Incredible Ways Businesses Are Using Chatbots in 2019
terry@talklift.com avatar Terry Kamanga on February 5th, 2019

In our last article, that you can find here, we discussed just how good chatbots can be for your customer service.

They can act as a customer's primary resource for service support, account management, or sales information, not to mention answering commonly asked questions.

The flexibility of chatbots allows them to engage with customers on many different levels.

Chatbots can be used by a wide variety of industries, thus more and more companies are developing them on popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc. not to mention on their own applications and websites.

Small to big size organizations can build their own particular bots, to decrease their work and help their customers communicate with them better, more often, and outside office hours.

Chatbots give different levels of success for different industries. So in which industries do chatbots have the best opportunities for success? Well, if I were to list them all, I would need several articles!

But for today, we’ll look at a few chatbots made with Talklift, that businesses are already using to increase engagement with clients. We have some demos, which you can try out on our website. Just follow this link!

Chatbots in E-commerce

Chatbots help your online business operations, saving a great amount of your time and effort in management.

Businesses in 2019 are using chatbots to give customers a better shopping experience by leading them through their buyer’s journey, from the time they express interest, to showing them what products are on offer and their prices, to finally checking out once they have selected the products to buy.

Chatbots in Hotel booking

Chatbots can come in handy in the hospitality industry especially during peak season.

With all hands being on deck, it must be hard for one person to handle bookings online and respond to inquiries on the phone.

Hotels are using chatbots to help users find hotels near them, or around a certain area, book hotel rooms and get the best deals when booking.


Chatbots in Insurance

Chatbots can be trained to give potential customers a list of the available insurance covers, and their benefits, and help them choose the ones that suit their needs.

Chatbots are also being used by insurance companies to send automated messages e.g to remind clients when they need to make payments, or when there are changes in policies.

Chatbots in Banking

Chatbots can work as a financial adviser for your clients e.g showing them which accounts suit them best, e.g depending on their income level.

They also improve customer’s convenience and comfort. They can manage multiple accounts at once, give clients information about their account i.e bank balance, statement and current status of the account.

More banks are using chatbots to resolve issues for clients and answer frequently asked questions.

They save customers the hassle of calling the customer care office, and bank agents can now spend their time handling complex queries which are few thus improving customer experience.

They can also be used to send bulk messages giving bankers saving and investment tips so they can manage their money better. This helps increase engagement with clients.

Chatbots in the Fashion Industry

Chatbots can help shoppers locate certain items on a website, and even take details such as shoe and dress size.

They can tell them what clothes are available in each section well as answering payment, checkout and delivery questions.

Furthermore, they can present customers rich content with product pages, images, blog entries, tutorial videos based on their responses, that can help them through their journey.

Chatbots in Spa/Salon booking

Thanks to chatbots, clients can now book an appointment in your salon or spa even when you're closed.

The beauty industry is very impatient, and potential clients will not hesitate to find someone else who is available when their usual salon is not.

To make sure clients always have access to them, more salons and spas are using chatbots so that clients can make appointments through Facebook Messenger.

chat-screenshot3 (1).png

Chatbots in Ticketing

Movie theaters are using chatbots to show users which movies they can watch in cinemas.

There’s also an option to watch trailers which the user can choose from different genres(e.g animation, action, drama) before buying a ticket.

Chatbots in Online food ordering

Food delivery companies are using chatbots to help customers make orders easily, where a user can give all their order information via messenger chat, without having to call and probably find the line busy.

They can also choose from a variety of options on a menu, and select the amount of food items they want to order.

Chatbots in Survey

Chatbots can take information needed in a survey in a more conversational way, such that people don’t feel like they are taking a test.

It can also be done through a platform that users actually enjoy using, like Facebook Messenger. Studies have also shown that people find it easier to answer questions when they are not face to face with a human.

Using a chatbot for surveys, businesses are able to create a virtual interviewer and make conversational surveys that offer a better experience for the user.

Part of Talklift's mission is to help more businesses create engagement and generate leads using chatbots.

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