Facebook Messenger Bulk Messaging Vs Traditional Bulk Messaging

Facebook Messenger Bulk Messaging Vs Traditional Bulk Messaging
terry@talklift.com avatar Terry Kamanga on April 30th, 2019

We can all agree that technology has brought with it quite a number of developments in the world at large, and especially in business.

One of the best parts of this is artificial intelligence, which has allowed businesses to automate numerous activities, therefore saving a lot of time and resources.

One of these activities is Facebook Messsenger bulk messaging, which has opened businesses up to a whole other audience, like Facebook Messenger’s 1 billion monthly users.

Facebook Messenger bulk messaging has allowed businesses to keep in touch with existing as well as potential clients and customers.

It also helps them get leads, for example when used with Facebook viral posts, where businesses can add commenters to a contact list, and turn them into leads by sending them messages regularly.

Traditional bulk messaging is undeniably beneficial and has been successful in its own right.

However, since everyone seems to be moving towards the social media space, it’s only fitting that businesses follow their audience that may have migrated to that space.

If you need convincing on why chatbots are the modern solution to easy, efficient, effective and affordable bulk messaging, keep reading!

Reach and Engagement

Traditional bulk messaging was a novelty when it first emerged. Being able to deliver a message to different people at the same time without having them face-to-face? That was unheard of!

However, things have evolved greatly since then, and now, not only can you send bulk messages online, but with chatbot bulk messaging, you have access to a WORLDWIDE audience of Facebook Messenger users.

What’s more, you get to reach your audience on a platform they already use and love.

Facebook Messenger bulk messaging using chatbots doesn’t just stop at delivering messages.

Chatbots increase engagement because they encourage your customers to chat with them, which means the conversation is more likely to continue, which is likely to lead to a conversion.

This is unlike traditional SMSes which don’t provide a platform for user engagement.

On the other hand, Facebook Messenger bulk messaging has high open and engagement rates, due to its use of rich visual content such as pictures, gifs, memes, product features and catalogues.


Apart from the great content that businesses can deliver when sending bulk messages using chatbots, they can also collect valuable customer insights like user engagement, location, device and browser information et cetera.

These analytics help businesses when targeting specific audiences, and when giving personalized content and services.

They also help businesses make better marketing decisions.


Bulk messaging with Facebook Messenger is more cost effective compared to traditional bulk messaging.

When marketing with Facebook messenger, businesses pay to use the chatbot platform, while with traditional bulk messaging, they pay per number of people receiving the message.

Using chatbots ends up giving more value for money.


Bulk messaging campaigns using chatbots basically market your product for you.

They can include all the information about a product, including pictures, and descriptions. Users do not have to visit another site to access information about a product.

Call-to-action buttons are also efficient in helping users convert, by prompting them to take an action(e.g BUY NOW, ORDER NOW)

Chatbots also help in other marketing activities like answering FAQs, customer service, customer on-boarding, lead generation, nurturing and conversion.

And the best part is that the target audience is already segmented, which increases the chance of engagement.

Not to mention, that the user can be directed straight from the chatbot to making a purchase once they are converted.

Click Through Rate/Feedback

Unlike with traditional bulk messaging, businesses are able to tell when customers have read their message, depending on how they interact with the chatbot.

This gives the business instant feedback about how people are interacting with the message, thus helping them improve the quality of their content or services.

However, traditional SMS marketing has observed lower click through rates in recent times.

Staying In Contact With Customers

It is important for businesses to stay in touch with their customers in order to keep them coming back.

Using Facebook Messenger, businesses can use bulk messages to regularly inform their customers about any changes in the company, new offers, discounts and promotions.

The best part is the messages are personalized due to the use of a social media platform like Facebook Messenger.

In conclusion, bulk messaging is a great way for businesses to market their businesses and communicate with their customers.

However, chatbot bulk messaging has proven to be extremely beneficial, and more than just a message delivery service.

It is more efficient than traditional bulk messaging, and gives better ROI.

Businesses should look into using chatbots for their bulk messaging for a better experience.

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