How connecting Office 365 with Artificial Intelligence can put you ahead of the competition

How connecting Office 365 with Artificial Intelligence can put you ahead of the competition
felix avatar Felix Cheruiyot on July 28th, 2018

Office 365 has found its place in modern business, both small and big have integrated the solution into their day to day operations. Most business use the solution to enhance collaboration among teams, documents management and most important in customer relations.

The Customer experience team here at TalkLift would like to have a deep look at how you can get better success by making the solution work well for you and keep you ahead of the competition.

Where is the opportunity?

A good customer service is the key ingredient for any business that wants to succeed. During the sales and marketing stage, the sales agents presents all the great features of your product and services. Customers buy based on the promises they received. On a successful sale, it is your sole duty to ensure the customer enjoy these experiences. Outlook acts as a very good solution in managing conversation, tasks and scheduling meetings but that may not be enough.

Do it different with Artificial Intelligence

TalkLift artificial intelligence (AI) platform bakes in deep learning and predictive analytics. The solution helps in complementing your sales force by offering a 24/7 chatbot support and proper lead segmentation. The following are some of the awesome things you can try to take your sales and customer support to the next level.

Add a Chatbot to collect KYC and answer frequently asked questions

Let your team focus on more difficult tasks and let the chatbot take care of the common stuff that can be automated. Chatbot helps in offering a 24/7 customer care during offline hours.

Optimized issues segmentation

TalkLift has deployed the best industry practice in issue management using AI. The idea is to reduce the time taken in solving problems. Issues are properly escalated to the right support agent with great accuracy and time wastage greatly reduced. This makes your team to work smarter and efficient.

The role AI and data automation in CRM will continue to grow as businesses look for smarter, more efficient ways to manage interactions, engage leads, and convert them into loyal customers. Don't be left out in this revolution.

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