How to create Facebook ads that convert through story telling

How to create Facebook ads that convert through story telling
moses avatar Moses Korir on November 20th, 2018

Who doesn’t love a good story? Granted, a good story can give the illusion of time moving faster, just like music does. Anyway, storytelling through sequencing is the new digital marketing trend on social media.

In this discussion, we’ll uncover the value of storytelling while running Facebook ad campaigns.

Storytelling sells, don’t just take our word for it, follow this link we shared!

But, how do you run an effective Facebook ad campaign through storytelling?Or more importantly, how does a Facebook story differ from normal posts and ads?

You’ve probably come across Facebook ads that prompt you to “sign up now for this” or “get started with this”. On the flip side, others will caption their photos or videos with a creative tagline that’s relevant to what they are selling.

Research has it that ads that tell a story about the brand first before asking people to take action are more effective than those that ask you to do something right away.

If you’re a travel agency, for example, and you’re running a Facebook ad asking people to sign up for holiday packages, chances are your target market has seen 10 more similar ads.

Chances are all those ads had a long list of prices and plans too.

If your ad has stories about the actual destinations including what happens there and what to expect when you land, it will definitely be more effective.

So, how do you create a successful Facebook ad through storytelling?

Sequence your ad to tell a story

You can use the Carousel format to create a sequence of events that lead to the call to action. We have a few tips on how to do it effectively.

Assuming you’re using photos, here’s a quick guide:

First photo: Exposition – you need customers to know right away what the ad is about. So use your creative skills and come up with a catchy description of the product. For example, you can start with your best selling products or cheapest offer.

Second photo: Rising action – you’ve now captured the attention of a potential customer. You want them to swipe left for more. Here’s where you can experiment with new products or services that need advertising.

Third photo: Climax – go all out with your products or services at this stage. You can even add three or more at this step.

Fourth photo: Falling Action – At this stage you can tell your audience of upcoming events or products, or where your business is located. Just don’t prompt them to take action yet.

Fifth photo: Resolution – Here’s where your customers convert, so make it count. Depending on what your endgame is, create your call to action here, and the accompanying link.

And that’s it, you’re done!

If you’re using a single photo or video, don’t prompt your audience to take action immediately. Ease them into it. Start with a creative caption. Then under the description write up your story. Make it short.

Remember it’s an ad at the end of the day, and the audience knows you need something from them.

So, structure your words to give the audience a reason to go along with what you’re selling and take action.

And finally,

Running a successful ad campaign goes beyond just social media engagement. We can help you automate the sales and customer service process for easier client engagement.

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Feel free to contact us for insights and how to get started.

Until next time!

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