How To Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots For Business

How To Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots For Business avatar Terry Kamanga on March 5th, 2019

As we continue to move further into the digital space, more and more businesses are leaning towards automated messaging.

What's more, most millenials prefer texting over phone calls, so it makes sense that more businesses are leaning towards chat-based conversations.

But, even as many advertisers are using Facebook and Messenger to advertise, few are actually using Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Chatbots can be a great asset when used to complement the content marketing you’re already doing for your business.

Messenger chatbots can perform different functions that can give a great boost to your marketing activities. Below are 7 of them.

1. Guiding customers through their buyer's journey

Chatbots can act as a salesperson for your business. They can help a customer find different products, then process their order until it’s ready for delivery, after which they will ask for a delivery address.

Instead of asking for the price of a product on your page, where you might not respond immediately, you can send customers to a messenger bot sequence, where a bot can answer all their questions and even take their order.


2. Collecting data from users for future engagement

Based on how people respond to your content, our Talklift platform can help you create a Facebook Messenger contact list, which lets you zero in on a specific audience.

You can then mold your content in a different way to suit your new audience.

The more you continue to engage with the right audience, the higher your conversion rates.

3. Connecting more with your audience using engaging content

Staying in constant contact with your contact list ensures that they always feel connected to you.

You can do this by sending them occasional inspirational quotes, bible verses, tips, horoscopes and even fun quizzes to entertain them.

All you need is a chatbot, from Talklift. You can use the chatbot to send bulk messages to your Facebook Messenger contacts, at a specific time during the day. And it only takes a few clicks.


4. Answering Customer Care Queries/FAQ

You can implement chatbots in your business to answer frequently asked questions, while more serious issues can be handled by customer service agents.

They can also be trained to ask for contact details when they are unable to handle an issue, or refer clients to a human agent.


5. Sending personalized content

You can send content to people’s inboxes apart from just posting it on your social media pages. It could be your business news, new product launches, events etc.

You can even give them links to similar content, which they can always find in their inboxes instead of having to scroll through your page later on.

6. Directing people to your landing pages

Facebook messenger Chatbots can help you generate leads by taking advantage of potential leads who comment on your viral posts on social media.

With Talklift, you can automatically send a private message to anyone who comments on your posts.

The moment they engage with the message, your chatbot can try to convert them by directing them to your product pages.


7. Building brand awareness

A Facebook messenger chatbot can capture interest by sending a welcome message, then letting people know what your company does.

This way a person who’s never seen your page before can at least be familiar with what you do.


Tips to note;

  • Always give users the option to stop receiving messages, or they might end up being annoyed by constant messages, and decide to block you permanently. You could also be reported for spamming and end up being blocked by Facebook, which will obviously affect your business negatively.
  • Make sure your chatbot has an option to refer someone back to a human agent when it can’t handle an issue. Like I said before, chatbots should complement your marketing strategy, not replace it.
  • Make your content engaging, and include images, gifs and memes. It should also be non-repetitive, this way your contacts actually look forward to receiving your messages
  • Use short texts that are easy to read
  • Be informal. This is essential considering Facebook Messenger is an informal platform. Besides, people are more likely to respond to messages that don’t sound like serious emails.

That being said, when you’re ready to use a Facebook Messenger chatbot for your business, our Talklift platform is here to help.

We’ll help you build a personalized chatbot for your business. You can also can choose from different templates and edit them to suit your brand needs.

And the best part is you don’t need any coding knowledge.

You can also send bulk messages with images, videos and gifs to different contacts list, and engage with them using a chatbot until they convert.


You can try our FREE 14 DAY TRIAL today and tell us what you think!

After that, you may want to check out the different packages we offer.


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