Influencer Marketing, And Why It’s Such A Hot Trend Right Now

Influencer Marketing, And Why It’s Such A Hot Trend Right Now avatar Terry Kamanga on February 28th, 2019

Influencer marketing seems like one of those things that came out of nowhere. It’s like we woke up one day and every other content creator had become an influencer.

However, influencer marketing has proven to be quite beneficial for all parties that have chosen to partner with each other.

In influencer marketing, brands partner with influential people e.g celebrities or content creators with a large following. They leverage that following to influence consumers’ buying decisions through subliminal advertising.

An influencer could be a radio personality, popular comedian, media personality, fashion blogger, professional sportsperson, socialite, reality tv star etc.

Influencers are paid or given free products in exchange for featuring sponsored content on their videos, blogs, publications etc

I wouldn’t say the concept of influencer marketing is new, because it reminds me of several celebrity endorsements through the years.

The main difference between the two would probably be that influencer marketing is more of a mutually beneficial collaboration between the brand and the influencer, as opposed to celebrity endorsements, where the celebrity seemingly offers more value.

Influencers can be categorized depending on their number of followers.

There are macro, micro and nano influencers. Generally, macro influencers are in more demand because they have more followers, but they may also be more expensive to work with.

Nano and micro influencers are not useless, however, because they cater to small and medium businesses.

So what has made influencer marketing so popular?

Well, more and more brands are realizing that it’s awesome for business, and for brand building.

One of the reasons that has probably made influencer marketing successful is that it's based on indirect persuasion, which is almost effortless.

Sponsored ads are carefully placed into the content the influencer is already creating, which means it won’t blatantly stand out as an advertisement.

On the other hand, consumers actually want to know other people’s experiences with a product before they buy it. This helps them in making buying decisions.

After seeing a review from an influencer, consumers easily make the decision to purchase or not purchase a product.

Which means that all parties involved stand to benefit!

And we’re just getting started with the perks of influencer marketing.

Below are other ways influencers can help you build your brand-:

#1 They have influence

Sounds so obvious right? That’s the whole point! Anyway, influencers have a large following.

Furthermore, they have influence over this large following, who are likely to trust and buy a product that the influencer trusts and buys.

Now who wouldn't want to leverage that kind of power for their business?

#2 They create content

A lot of companies don’t have the time to create regular content or hire someone to do it for them.

They may also feel that their content is not garnering as much engagement as they would like it to.

This is where influencers come in. An influencer's entire platform is based on content creation, and that’s why they have a large following.

You just need to tell them your vision for your brand or product, and they create content around it, while still staying relevant to their persona.

#3 They increase sales

I'd say most business people/entrepreneurs know that the quickest way to get people to buy a product is through word of mouth.

People are more likely to use a product recommended to them by someone they know.

In this case followers feel like they know and trust influencers.

#4 They build brand/product awareness

Your brand could be sitting there virtually unknown, even though you’ve been trying to build awareness for like a year.

Then when an influencer speaks about your product, all of a sudden you have thousands of new followers on your page and increased traffic to your site.

That’s how powerful influencers can be.

#5 They help you connect with your audience

Traditional marketing can be described as one-sided, where you basically advertise your products, people buy them, and you never get to know who they are, while they buy your products but never know the brand behind them.

But now, influencers are helping more brands create engagement with their customers, by giving them a way, maybe, into the soul of the brand as opposed to just the products.

Influencers speak about your brand at a personal level.

They might even mention their relationship with your brand, which if good reflects positively on your brand.

#6 They can help you find your target audience

This is why it is essential to partner with an influencer in your field of business, or in the same niche.

They’ve already connected with an audience that would potentially be interested in your product(s), which means they can bring that audience to your backyard.

So, don’t just, for example go for someone with a large following whose field is beauty products while you’re in tech.

#7 They improve your SEO

By driving traffic to your website, influencers can improve your SEO and backlink stats.

Facebook posts, articles and blog links that lead people to your website can really improve your SEO.

#8 They give great value for money

Unlike other traditional forms of advertising where you’re just shooting in the dark and hoping it hits the right target, with influencer marketing, you aim right at the target, which means you get the best results.

For example, when you market your clothes through a fashion blogger, you know you’re going to be targeting consumers who love fashion, and therefore clothes. Talk about a bullseye!

So what do YOU think of influencers? Are they here to stay? Or are they just a marketing gimmick that will eventually fizzle out?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. We’d love to hear your feedback!

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