Top 4 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

Top 4 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Work
felix avatar Felix Cheruiyot on November 17th, 2018

In this day and age, you’re not in business if you don’t have an online presence. Why? The internet is the first place we look when we need information about ANYTHING. Cooking recipes, reviews, symptoms, food delivery, job searches etc

So if your business is not online and people are looking for a product like yours, how will they even know you exist?

This means that if your business is has no online footprint, and your competition does, chances are you’re losing an incredible number of customers to your competition.

However, having an online presence goes beyond just building a website or having a social media page. You have to market your business to:

  • Beat the competition
  • Improve brand visibility
  • Reach a specific target market
  • Educate and inform consumers about your products and services
  • Get new customers

There are tons digital marketing strategies out there, most of which actually work.

Finding out which digital marketing strategies actually work for you is not complicated.

We scoured the web to find you proven strategies used by successful marketers. Here we go!

Market Informative Content not Just Products

Like leading digital marketer Neil Patel says “nowadays you have to add value to the content you publish online and establish yourself as a thought leader and expert”.

Gone are the days when you would market your products online by just highlighting the product’s awesome features and capabilities.

For example, if you’re selling cars online, you need to do more than just highlight each car’s superb features.

Consumers will trust you more if you have something informative and educative to say. It makes them trust that you know what you are doing.

Establishing yourself as an expert can be scary, but it pays off three times better than ancient strategies such as outbound marketing.

Be Interactive and Engaging

Digital marketing is becoming more complicated by the day. Moving your products through the clutter is hard, to say the least.

With new online businesses coming up every single day, standing out goes beyond selling products. You need engaging, interactive, powerful and exciting content to lure customers in.

This can be achieved through quizzes, infographics, videos, chatbots and so on.

Actually, chatbots are continuously revolutionizing the customer service experience of online businesses. They are also tools for gathering useful information from customers that go into leveraging product and service delivery.

Focus on Your Audience, Not the Search Engine

Most content marketers will tell you to optimize your content for the search engine using SEO. Most content marketers are actually very good at ranking their own businesses very high on Google.

However, change is constant and search engines are changing digital marketing dimensions. A marketing strategy that actually works is meeting your customers’ desires, needs, fears, and worries.

You’ll need to convince your customers to buy what you’re selling through well thought out ideas, thoughts, and insights.

However, don’t get me wrong; SEO is still very important. You simply can’t do without it.

But stuffing your content with keywords that make content lose sense simply does not work. It’s actually a practice frowned upon by Google.

Customers’ Needs Come First

Your customers and clients are the sole purposes of your business. So it goes without saying that their needs come first.

Customer complaints can help your business if handled the right way.

That’s why you need an effective customer service unit that provides invaluable marketing information.

Effective customer service results in customer retention. You need your customers to come back for more or renew their contracts.

You’ll even market your business better with enough clients to stay afloat.

That’s why most online businesses post real customer reviews under the “see what our customers are saying” part of the websites.

So, what next?

At TalkLift, we can help you discover customer preference, segment customers, and run campaigns to convert them faster. Find out how!

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