Top 7 Facebook Groups Where You Can Buy and Sell Online (Kenya)

Top 7 Facebook Groups Where You Can Buy and Sell Online (Kenya) avatar Terry Kamanga on May 3rd, 2019

Online shopping comes with great perks like shopping from the comfort of your home, at any time of the day and getting things delivered to your doorstep.

As Kenyans, we’ve perfected the art of online shopping on Facebook, probably because we feel safer putting a face to the buyer or seller’s name, so to speak.

However, Facebook’s recent algorithm aimed at keeping branded content from people’s timelines has forced businesses to move their transactions to Facebook groups.

In this regard, we’ve compiled 7 groups where businesses can sell to their customers on Facebook.

1. Soko Kenya(Buy and Sell)

With over 90k members, this group is home to buyers and sellers of anything under the sun. The group has no specific niche, so any product goes...within reason.

2. Tricia's Natural’s marketplace

A sister page of the group “Tricia’s Naturals,” which gives tips to women with natural hair, this group sells natural hair products and accessories to Kenyan women all over the country.

3. Used and New Household Items in Kenya(UNHIK)

Perfect for young people moving out for the first time, this group will have everything you need to start a life. Gas cylinders, beds, washing machines, curtains, beddings, you name it.

4. Nairobi Expats Marketplace

This group mostly caters to expatriates who are about to leave the country and want to sell their household items.

Kenyans are able to get the items at fair prices, and most times the items are of good quality. Talk about a win-win!

5. Rent under 15k...And other affordable homes

House hunting made easy for people just starting out in adult life.

Instead of rifling through 1,000 listings to find one within your budget, this groups does it for you. How convenient!

6. Kilimani Mum’s Marketplace

The name may have earned a bad reputation from its mother page, but the group itself is quite efficient, and it would be unfair not to mention it here, given its over 900,000 members.

You can find anything from home appliances, to furniture, to electronics.

The best part is that the group is not exclusive to people from the Kilimani area only. Anyone else can join to buy and sell products.

7. Soko ya 1000 bob or less

With over 400,000 members, this group’s aim is to accommodate buyers with a budget of 1,000 or less.

This rule may not be set in stone, but the prices do not go too far beyond that range.

Tips to Note

These tips may apply to a buyer, seller or both.

Take good pictures

As a seller, you must have clear pictures of what you are selling.

Blurry pictures show a lack of seriousness, and may even seem suspicious to some buyers.

Give details of the products

It’s important to state things like the price, the size of the product, and anything else that the buyer cannot see clearly from the pictures.

Details like the product being used instead of new MUST be disclosed. If it’s a car, its important to mention how old it is and its mileage.

Be available to take questions/leave contact information

It’s quite frustrating a a buyer when one is interested in a product, only to find that the seller is offline and unavailable to answer further questions.

This is the quickest way to lose an interested buyer.

Be flexible with your prices

Everyone loves a bargain, especially Kenyans, so be open lowering your prices. As a buyer, you should also respect someone’s price point when they refuse to budge.

Follow the rules

Some groups have strict rules like selling only certain products or conducting transactions in a certain way.

These rules are usually listed somewhere within the group, so it’s best to go through them before you use the group.

As a seller, breaking such rules may get you quickly banned from a group with a lot of potential buyers.

Trust but Verify

Don’t be so quick to seal a deal without knowing whether it is truly legitimate.

Online business may seem convenient and time-saving, but it’s also become a way for people to scam others and even worse, endanger their lives.

That’s why it’s imperative to verify before meeting anyone for a transaction, make sure to meet in a public place, and tell your friends about your whereabouts, or more importantly, do not go alone.

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