Top 7 Ways to Turn Leads Into Paying Customers

Top 7 Ways to Turn Leads Into Paying Customers avatar Terry Kamanga on March 27th, 2019

Lead generation is a long-term and constant process for every business. Leads can be generated through advertising, SEO results, or referrals from existing customers. Business owners depend on leads to keep growing their customer base.

Leads are generated for the purposes of sales, or for list building(where you compile a list of people who you could potentially market your products/services to)

So it’s quite obvious that to keep your business afloat, you need a steady stream of leads.

So, what is a lead, you ask?

A lead is a potential customer who expresses interest in a specific product or service, belonging to a business.

However, as in any market, it is up to the business to convince the customer to buy from them(taking them through the sales funnel) which is referred to as lead management.

Leads can come from various sources such as the Internet, through referrals, telephone calls advertisements, seminars, events etc, meaning from anything that lets people know about your product or service.

Getting a large number of leads for your business is great, but it’s important to note that it’s less about the number of leads, and more about your ability to convert them into sales.

That sounds easy enough, but how do you do it? We’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you right along.

1. Zero in on your most promising leads

Using our Talklift platform that helps you generate leads using a chatbot, you can see whenever you have a new lead.

You can then choose which leads you find more promising, and which ones suit your target audience(in terms of demographics, interests etc).

Focusing on those instead will save you a lot of time, as opposed to trying to manage every lead that expressed interest.


2. Quick follow-up

Ever heard of striking while the iron is hot? This is essential when managing leads.

You have to get them while they’re still warm, that way they are easier to convert.

Waiting too long to follow up after they show interest means they will probably give up and look for another solution, which may be from your competitor.

And don’t forget to follow up even after they have made a purchase.

This makes them more likely to come back and make another purchase.

3. Set a time limit

Like i mentioned, it’s important to determine which leads have more potential for conversion before anything else.

This can be done by checking off the leads that continue to be unresponsive over a certain period of time.

You can send them one last message before you give up on them, like “These messages don’t seem to be working, so we’ll stop sending them. Feel free to talk to us in the future if you have any questions.”

This could spark a feeling of loss and make them want to reply, but if it doesn’t, it’s best to cut your losses and move on to more promising leads.

4. Ask your leads questions

Don’t just remind leads over and over to buy your products in the name of following up.

It’s good to spark a lead’s interest with questions instead. For example;

“Are you still interested in this product?”

“Did you find what you were looking for?”

Or remind them of the product’s value...e.g

“Are you ready to grow your contact list using chatbots?”

Customers are more likely to reply to a question than a normal statement.

This gives you an opportunity to try and convert them and lets them know they can ask any other questions they might have.

You can also conduct mini-surveys.

These are great especially on e-commerce sites, where you want to know what leads are interested in or looking for, why they click off or hesitate to buy etc.

This gives you great insight on how to deal with current and future leads.

5. Use Newsletters/Emails to build your relationship

Newsletters and emails are a great way for leads to interact with you without really committing.

They get to know more about your products without becoming an immediate customer. This makes it easier for them to eventually convert.

Furthermore, just because you wrapped up a sale doesn’t mean that that customer is now safely in your corner. You have to continue cultivating that relationship to encourage a repurchase.

And when sending bulk messages to a large number of subscribers, you have to remember not to spam them with constant emails, or you might end up losing a good lead.

Newsletters and emails should also be fun and interactive so that they entertain subscribers and create engagement.

Make the emails systematic, and useful, such that they arrive at specific times and are helpful instead of being overly promotional.

You can do this using the Talklift bulk messaging platform, which allows you to send bulk messages to your subscribers through Facebook Messenger.

6. Have a FAQ page on your website

Many leads won’t convert because they have questions that they need answering before they decide whether to buy or not.

It’s good to give that option to leads the moment they click onto your website. Use demos if your products are extra complicated.

That’s why it’s great to have a chatbot that can answer FAQs from your leads, and keep them engaged so that they don’t click off right away. Having people click off your website greatly affects your SEO.


7. Connect with leads on social media

Social media provides a great platform for a more casual and interactive relationship with prospective customers.

People are more likely to interact with a business on a platform that they constantly use and consider informal.

When leads do not feel the pressure to convert, they are more likely to welcome an interaction with a business page.

In this digital age, it is essential for a business to be active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social accounts.

They open a window to a whole other audience and a lot more numbers to work with.

Using our Talklift platform, you can set up a system that automatically sends a message via Facebook Messenger to every person who comments on your Facebook posts.


The message could be telling them about your services or product, or just acknowledging their comment.

Once someone comments on a post, Talklift adds them to your Messenger contact list.

You can then try to convert them by sending them messages whenever you have offers or new information you need to share with your contacts.

You can also analyze your leads based on their profiles, and find out the best way to engage with them and eventually convert them.

The more you grow your relationship with a lead, the more likely he or she will trust your brand and eventually purchase from you.

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