Top Social Media (Twitter) Influencers in Kenya You Should Engage Today

Top Social Media (Twitter) Influencers in Kenya You Should Engage Today
felix avatar Felix Cheruiyot on December 3rd, 2018

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where influencial people act as products ambassadors and recommend products to the consumers. Brands orients marketing activities around these influencers. Social media influencing in Kenya has come a long way. Granted, the trade has its ups and downs, with so many influencers standing the test of time and others disappearing off the face of the earth never to be heard of again. All in all, it’s a business with a structure and system that works.

Social media influencers have established credibility in a certain field or market. An influencer worth their salt has an audience large enough to assist new and established businesses push products, influence marketing dynamics, establish brands and most importantly, perform public relations for brands in an effective way.

The influencer knows their audience and what resonates with them.

So without further ado, here’s our A-Z list of top social media (Twitter) influencers in Kenya at the time of writing.

  • Adam Maina
  • AishaWanjiku
  • AkenyanGirl
  • Amina Kenya
  • Andrew Kibe
  • Asamoh
  • Asmali
  • Baba Kayai
  • Blaze
  • Bonface Mwangi
  • Brian Mbunde
  • Canduh
  • Caroline Spenser
  • Chief Kariuki
  • Churchill Ndambuki AKA Mwalimu King’ang’I
  • ColdTusker
  • Crazy Nairobian
  • Cyprian Nyakundi
  • DJ Joe Mfalme
  • Dr. Paula Kahumbu
  • Droid254
  • Ednahjacksons
  • Elijah Kyama
  • FionaTheArtist
  • Frank Obegi
  • Gathara
  • Gicheru Gicheru
  • Gitz
  • Iam Bett
  • ItsMutai
  • iwateba
  • Janet Machuka
  • Jaymo Ule Msee
  • Kaluhi’s Kitchen
  • Kinanga Davis
  • KinyanBoy
  • KResearcher
  • LencerB
  • Lord Gichohi
  • Masaku
  • Mana Kageni
  • Mbuucu
  • MC Jessy
  • MediaMK
  • Moseax
  • MutukuKE
  • Mwalimu Rachael
  • Mwass
  • Mwirigi
  • Njugush
  • Ory Okolloh Mwangi
  • Owaahh
  • Queen Gathoni
  • RamzZy
  • Robert Alai
  • RookieKE
  • Sir Alexas
  • Soko Analyst
  • Stephen Musyoka
  • Tukei
  • Victor Matara
  • Wangwe
  • Xtian Dela
  • Zawadi Nyongo
  • Sheila Mwanyigha
  • Kambua Muziki
  • Janet Mbugua
  • Jalango
  • Teacher Wanjiku

More often than not, when something is trending on social media in Kenya, at least one of these guys is responsible for the massive attention the situation or story is getting. So when brands want to get the word out there, these are the go-to guys.

Following them means you’ll always be on top of anything and everything interesting that goes on in Kenya. These influencers are know well enough to keep their presence relevant.

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