We’ve got exciting news – BiasharaBot is now a TalkLift + Leapfrog Ventures partnership

felix avatar Felix Cheruiyot on October 2nd, 2018

BiasharaBot is now TalkLift!

We created BiasharaBot with the goal of helping small and medium sized businesses to sell on social media in professional way and increase revenue. We have helped more than fifty businesses take over one thousands orders and aid in successful deliveries to their customers.

During our interaction with our customers, they informed us one of the biggest pain point is on leads generation and ways of effectively engaging with this leads so as to close faster. We observed that they had so many likes and comments on their social post but there was no way of engaging with these customers. Our clients also requested if they can manage all conversations from different channels centrally.

Among new features we have introduced is conversion of every user interactions with brand into a sale opportunity. TalkLift also provides a platform for businesses to run campaigns which helps in converting these leads faster. Businesses will be able to manage all conversations with their customers from a single dashboard irrespective of the channel the customer used. We have also empowered businesses to manage and have a clear view of their sales pipeline. Bulk SMS option will also be available for interaction with offline customers.

Why change of name?

We would like to grow and be a global company and not limit our self in any way to achieve this goal. Our missions is to provide solutions to problems facing small businesses, and in any way possible without limiting ourselves to chatbots/bots. As we fulfill this noble goal, we believe conversations must happen between the business and its customers and that is exactly we want to promote.

We have a new partner!

We are delighted to have Leapfrog ventures as our new partner. We are so much excited for this great chance to work with Takuma and the team. It is a great opportunity for us to improve on the product offering among other things. More details on these partnership can be found here http://thebridge.jp/en/2018/08/leapfrog-ventures-invests-usd50k-in-biashara

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