Why Facebook bulk messaging is important for businesses

Why Facebook bulk messaging is important for businesses
terry@talklift.com avatar Terry Kamanga on January 18th, 2019

As a business owner in this cut-throat world of constant competition, and the need to get to and stay at the top in your field of business, you need all the marketing tools available at your disposal.

As a business, and especially as a startup, you want to reach out to as many people as possible and let them know about your products, or at the very least, that you exist!

Facebook bulk messaging is one of the easiest and most cost-effective marketing tools for businesses to connect with a large number of customers on a personal level.

So, for starters, how does facebook bulk messaging work?

Bulk messaging involves sending a large number of SMS messages to different phone numbers. Well, Facebook bulk messaging works the same way, but is done through Facebook Messenger.

It creates a great opportunity for businesses to connect with customers from different demographics and geographic locations, as long as they have internet connection. That sounds like a GREAT deal to me!

But in case you’re not convinced yet, here’s a few more reasons why you should try facebook bulk messaging:

It’s Cost effective

Bulk messaging allows you to send messages to a wide group over a short period of time. This is cost effective compared to printing and postage costs, which you would incur with fliers and other printed ads.

It’s Efficient

If set up correctly, your messages will reach their targeted audience in the form and time that you intended them to. Your target audience will also receive their messages at the same time, which can be a really good channel to send out urgent messages about sales and discounts, or changes within your business that customers need to know about.

Has great Reach

It allows your message to reach a large number of people at once, and without the need to send every message individually. This is really advantageous when it comes to spreading information about promos, discounts and sales etc

Grows your local business

You can use bulk messaging to keep your existing customers coming back, by staying in touch with them when it comes to promotions, new products/changes etc. It also helps you to let your current customers know that you value them, by sending them occasional quotes and heartfelt messages.

Lets you Segment Your Audience

Bulk messaging allows you to choose your audience and to target them specifically, as opposed to sending messages on all platforms and hoping your audience will come to you. And it’s a great pull marketing tactic to keep those customers coming back for more.

It also allows you to reach an audience that ranges in age, as both young and old people are on Facebook, and can potentially receive bulk messages.

Labour intensive

With bulk messaging, all you need to do is find a good platform and outsource the bulk messaging there. This allows you to focus on other parts of brand building. And since we’re on the subject, Talklift offers just that!

Talklift gives you Facebook bulk messaging options specifically tailored to suit your business. Our chatbot has programmable APIs that enable you to add and adjust features that improve your customer experience. Your can also build your own personalized chatbot with NO CODING necessary. We honestly don’t see any reason why you’re not jumping on this opportunity!

Impressed yet? Contact us today and we’ll show you how to get started!

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