Start offering a personalised customer experience

Multiple channels

TalkLift messaging provides a powerful integrations to various support channels. This includes and not limited to embeddable Web chat widgets, social media accounts and SMS. Empower your team to provide a better service irrespective of customer's preferred communication channel.

Analytics - See everything and compare

Get access to a powerful dashboard for better insights on how your support campaign is performing. Measure your turnaround time, satisfaction ratings, and any other important metrics that is key for your business.

Multiple agents support

Bring in your team for better collaboration in issue management. TalkLift support multiple agents working together along side your brand chatbot. This helps in reducing clients waiting time for issues to be resolved.

Issue tracking and ticketing

The TalkLift platform provides a proven issue management approach out of the box. Properly manage customers queries, and tag the most important items for future reference. Integrate with your existing infrastructure for better service and customer experience.